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Informative Presentation Nº 10 in Laderas de Cerro Cachito

Almacenes del Norte (ADN) has been growing in Ventanilla. Along this path, it has extended to the human settlements of Ciudad Pachacútec the informative workshops that it has been organizing since July to inform residents about its ADN Parque Logístico Callao project in this district.

The first to be visited by company representatives was the Laderas del Cerro Cachito settlement. On Saturday morning, November 6, 25 residents gathered at the home of their secretary general, Nilo Rojas, to attend the talk given by Víctor Hugo Moreano on behalf of ADN. In an atmosphere of great cordiality, there they received all the information about the Logistics Park and solved their doubts about future jobs and the characteristics of low environmental impact in the design of this great project. The attendees were very grateful for the company's willingness to communicate with the local population in an open and transparent manner, an auspicious beginning for a long, good-neighborly relationship with ADN.

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