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Informative Presentation Nº12 in San Pablo

A rousing round of applause from the neighbors marked the closing of the informative workshop carried out by Almacenes del Norte (ADN) in the human settlement Oasis de Ventanilla, located in the Pachacútec City. An eloquent example of their satisfaction as a result of the visit of the company representatives and the information provided on the Logistics Park project to be developed in this district.

The meeting was called by Carlos Guzmán, secretary general of AH Oasis, and took place on Saturday, November 13 in the afternoon, with the presence of 30 residents. Víctor Hugo Moreano, on behalf of ADN, explained the characteristics of the project, its exact location, the formal jobs it will generate and the care for the environment that prevails in its design. The neighbors were very interested, asking questions about the type of products that will be stored in the place, the green areas that will be enabled, the height of the buildings and other concerns that were immediately answered. Carlos Guzmán spoke for the neighbors and thanked ADN for his presence to explain the Logistics Park project to the local population.

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