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Informative presentation Nº 3 in Asentamiento Valle Verde

More than 20 residents, representing the 14 blocks of the Valle Verde Human Settlement, attended the informative workshop organized by Almacenes del Norte (ADN) to deliver information on the Callao Logistics Park. The meeting was held on Friday, July 23 at Mrs. Aída's winery, in a lot located in front of the Ventanilla Wetlands.

Víctor Hugo Moreano, as a representative of the company, answered questions from neighbors, who were enthusiastic about the possibilities of formal and sustainable work that ADN offers to the local population.

Daniel Sáenz and Angélica Sánchez, General Secretaries of the Valle Verde Human Settlement, highlighted that in all the years they have lived in the place, it is the first time that a company comes to speak with the neighbors about the projects it has for the area.

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