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Informative presentation Nº 1 in Asentamiento Humano El Mirador de los Humedales

On Wednesday July 7, Almacenes del Norte (ADN) held an informative workshop in the communal premises of the El Mirador de los Humedales de Ventanilla Human Settlement.

As a representative of the company, Víctor Hugo Moreano presented the Callao Logistics Park project, emphasizing its importance to stimulate the local economy, the creation of jobs for the residents of the area, and its sustainable design, with the best environmental practices and respect for the natural environment.

The general secretary of El Mirador de los Humedales de Ventanilla, Mrs. Rosa Soto, and 20 delegates participated, one for each of the blocks in which this Human Settlement is organized. At the meeting, in a cordial atmosphere, the delegates' questions about the DNA project were answered, company kits with protection elements against COVID-19 and informative leaflets were delivered, and at the end of the event a snack was shared with all the assistants.

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