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Informative Presentation Nº 7 in Defensores de la Patria

Neighbors from Sector 3 of Defensores de la Patria attended on Friday, September 17, at the headquarters of Educational Institution No. 5138 (Secondary) to receive information about the Almacenes del Norte (ADN) project.

The presentation was made by Víctor Hugo Moreano, ADN representative, who through videos, maps and documents explained to the attendees the multiple benefits that this new project will bring to the neighbors of Ventanilla and the community in general. For those who wish to receive information about Callao Logistics Park, ADN extends the invitation to register in the contact form on this same website and thus be able to receive an answer to their doubts and concerns. Representatives of ADN are coordinating future new meetings with the local population of Ventanilla, fulfilling their purpose of building solid and transparent relationships within the framework of their Good Neighbor Policy.


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