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Interview Moisés Ackerman at Combutters PBO 10/28/23

In this new interview with Phillip Butters, the Commercial Director of ADN Moisés Ackerman refers to the visits that the team of advisors is making in different industrial and commercial sectors of Lima, in order to gather information and advise small - medium entrepreneurs on the value of their M2 and the great efficiencies they can achieve by moving to Callao.

Experts in new real estate trends point out that it is no longer efficient to buy or own the most expensive M2 in the city to ensure a good return on your investment. Nor is having an isolated or standalone industrial or commercial space, since the new logistics parks are much better designed for efficiency in the use of spaces, in addition to offering security and shared services as part of their value proposition, which translates into huge operational savings for business owners and entrepreneurs who rent instead of buy.

If you want to know more about ADN Parque Logístico Callao, please visit

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