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ADN inaugurates new tourist facilities in the Ventanilla Wetlands Conservation Area

On November 28, the Infrastructure Improvement Project for the Reception of Visitors to the Regional Conservation Area (ACR) Wetlands of Ventanilla was inaugurated, a project developed by ADN in partnership with the Regional Management of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (GORE Callao).

This initiative responds to ADN's commitment to contribute to the sustainable environmental and social development of the communities in which it operates. On this occasion, a significant investment was made to improve these facilities to make them available to residents of Ventanilla, students, scientists and tourists who visit this important ecotourism center every week. In the recently inaugurated project, a new interpretation room has been implemented with an educational script in 29 information panels, which value wetlands as a sensitive and important ecosystem, and the ACR as a unique and key place for numerous species of flora and fauna. Additionally, a large workshop has been set up where the artisan mothers of the area can prepare and display their products made from native vegetable fiber, a new waiting pergola and they have contributed to improving the reception infrastructure in the ACR, improving signage. on trails, breaks and viewpoints, among other facilities.

If you want to read more about the ACR Humedales de Ventanilla and ADN´s collaboration with this environmental project click here.

If you want to contact us for more information abour ADN Parque Logístico Callao, enter here.


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