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Informative Presentation Nº11 in San Pablo

Continuing with its information campaign and relationship with the residents of Ventanilla, on November 6 in the afternoon, Almacenes del Norte (ADN) held its second informative talk in the human seats of Ciudad Pachacútec, near the area where the new logistic park will be developed and called to be a great development pole for this district.

In the communal premises of the San Pablo human settlement, 21 residents gathered, led by its general secretary José Luis Dávila. There they attended the presentation of the DNA representatives about the Logistics Park project, and received protection kits against COVID-19. They were very interested in the work and development possibilities that ADN will bring to Ventanilla, asking about the specialties, ages and employment conditions that will be required with the ongoing project. All their questions were answered, leaving the neighbors satisfied and grateful, eagerly awaiting the next DNA steps.

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