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17th Anniversary of Human Settlement Mirador de los Humedales

Last Saturday July 22 the residents of Mirador de los Humedales Human Settlement assisted to a ceremony to celebrate the 17 years since this neighborhood organization was created. This Pachacutan community is part of the ADN collaboration network with its neighbors, and has been an enthusiastic participant in the informative talks and workshops that Almacenes del Norte has given in the last year within the framework of its social responsibility program.

The event was attended by the Secretary General Ms. Rosa Soto Placencia and Mr. Víctor Hugo Moreano, Coordinator of Social Responsibility and Communications of ADN, who participated together with a group of neighbors in a flag-raising followed by a pleasant fellowship lunch.

ADN's commitment is to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates and generate a positive impact on people, the environment and regional economies. Learn more about our social responsibility program here.

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